Fresno #SrirachaOfTheRRV


#SrirachaOfTheRRV Is not made millions of gallons at a time. Small batch, we roast our peppers because it adds smokey complexity. We use local honey because it is the best you can buy. We use an absurd amount of garlic because it makes the sauce delicious. Put it on pulled pork, tacos, or anything you want to be better.

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Fresno #SrirachaOfTheRRV is our highly adored, small-batch Sriracha. This sauce starts with roasted peppers for smoky complexity. Then we pour on the sweetness of local honey (10/10 bees would approve) and blast it with an absurd amount of garlic for that extra delicious kick. Enjoy it on pulled pork, tacos, or just eat it with a spoon (we won’t tell).


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